Please meet Pastor Josh Phillips, our Youth and Young Adults Pastor.  Josh has started two amazing programs for students grades 6th – 12th, and for young adults.
Driven Youth is about building TRUE disciples of Christ that take ownership of their faith and impact their community and the world for Him. All are welcome to come join us in fellowship as we joyfully learn to find our identity in Him!

We will utilize the Σ Process to facilitate spiritual growth.

  • ENCOUNTER Jesus Authentically
  • EQUIP them to partake in the Divine Partnership
  • ENGAGE Him purposely as they Serve
  • EXPAND their Mission in Him
We collectively are building a Refuge where young adults can Encounter the life changing Love of Christ. As they enter into the independence of this season they are bombarded by a culture that does not know Christ’s Love and doesn’t trust His Goodness. Faced with many decisions about college, career and life in general we want to give them a safe space to make judgement free choices, while showing them their true identity in Christ. The best way for them to see what it means to be a TRUE disciple of Christ and be Equipped to follow Him is in how we personally live it out.
We will have a blast as we enjoy fellowship with the body of believers that He has drawn. The most fun, joyful life that we can live is one that is submitted to Christ and that is committed to obeying His word as our ultimate authority. Refuge is not a place or a building, it is a state of resting in embrace of a God who loves us just as we are, but who graciously reveals the truth of our desperate need for Him, as we choose to Trust Him completely.